What is the role pepper?

Time:2021-12-15 11:27:38

Pepper is native to India, a vine, climbing trees or piles born in the rack. Also known as Ku, Kurokawa, Shirakawa. Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Brazil is a major exporter of pepper. Its seeds contain volatile oil, piperine, crude fat, crude protein, etc., is a favorite condiment.

Pepper's role are: 1. Pepper's main ingredient is piperine, also contain a certain amount of aromatic oils, crude protein, crude fat and soluble nitrogen, to remove fishy, ??oily solution, aid digestion; 2. Peppery smell can increase appetite ; 3 sex hot pepper on the stomach caused by stomach abdominal Leng Tong, bowel diarrhea have a good role in mitigation and cure cold; 4. pepper has antiseptic antibacterial effect, botulinum solvable fish ; 5. than spicy black pepper white pepper strongly fragrant and spicy, cured to taste fishy, more for cooking offal, seafood dishes; 6 large white pepper medicinal value, can be cold , stomach, etc., can increase appetite, aid digestion, promote sweating; abnormal vaginal discharge can also improve women's and epilepsy.

Pepper, also known as chili, hot pepper, spicy, spicy angle, Qin pepper, etc., is a nightshade genus Capsicum plants. Capsicum contains capsaicin due peel while hot. Can increase appetite. Pepper vitamin C content in vegetables ranks first,

This can be seen that they are not the same, so can not replace each use.


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